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Intermoney Valora Consulting’s main behavioural procedures are summarised in the following three fundamental corporate values:


Key factor in our valuations and main value in our business culture. Our independent criteria favours our agility and guarantees lack of conflicts of interest. .


The search of excellence through rigor, hard work, commitment and quality is a core value in our way of acting. With a deep vocation of service, our client satisfaction is our main offering.


All of our valuations and other services offered are accompanied by methodological documents where the procedures employed are well documented. In all of our valuations we have at our clients, supervisory organisms and other agents disposal, all of the inputs used. Completely developed in-house technology that allows for the inexistence of black boxes and the subsequent control of all of our procedures and calculation algorithms.

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Over 100 reknown customers

More than 15 years of experience in valuation

In excess of 8000 financial instruments periodically valued
Intermoney Valora Consulting S.A.
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